Thursday, January 14, 2010

Paranormal Romance Guidelines

Read Before You Write
Cliffhanger Books will request paranormal romance short story submissions periodically. Check our website for future Paramourtal anthology calls for submission when we will post deadlines and complete writers’ guidelines. But if you want to get a head start, keep the following criteria in mind.

Each new, previously unpublished story should be truly original with unique, well-defined, emotionally complex characters. Give us an innovative take on an established paranormal character type. Approach your love story from a fresh angle or motivation. Hook us in with an imaginative and perplexing plot that will keep readers engaged until the very end. Read my other blog posts for more helpful tips on paranormal romance writing. Our length range is 6500-8000 words.

Required Story Elements
Your submission may be dark, edgy, sweet, tragic, humorous or just plain scary as hell. It must combine these two essential elements:
• The central plot revolves around a romance between one female and one male.
• Make one of the lead characters a being of supernatural origin. Or the paranormal figure may be a third character integral to the main couple’s love story (i.e., brings them together or hinders their union).

Suitable Language/Content
Keep all language and content PG-13 rated. Write for adults without being offensive or too overt. Keep in mind that this is romance, not erotica. So don’t include graphic or explicit sexual terms. Instead, be creative with your descriptions. Try subtle, figurative, metaphorical and symbolic prose rather than blatant physical details.

Do NOT include:
• Graphic, bloody, violent acts, descriptions or explicit torture of any kind
• Demeaning racial insults or acts of bigotry
• Stories about real people -- living or dead

What’s Next?
Keep checking this blog and the Cliffhanger Books website for more details, writing tips, selected stories, publication dates and future books in this and other genres.

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